Wax & Wine Class Booking
Wax & Wine Class Booking

Wax & Wine Class Booking

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Healed Skin and Candle Company is the perfect place to celebrate! Creating a custom scented lotion candle is a fun, one-of-a-kind social experience in Downtown Asheville, NC. Whether you're looking for a creative couples date night, girl's night out, family bonding time, birthday celebration, bachelorette celebration, or team-building events, we can make your experience unique and memorable. Come pour with us and create a scent and a candle that is uniquely YOURS! 


So, Let’s Get Lit Together!   We can accommodate parties and private gatherings for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 guests for 2 hrs Your group will start with the candle experience (every person will be required to do the $45 candle experience).  Your guest can also do other products as well but not in lieu of the minimum $45 candle experience.  To allow for the best experience, your entire group needs to be present to begin the candle pouring. You are allowed to arrive 20 minutes early to set up for your event. You can decorate and bring food (light refreshments such as sandwiches, bagels, pastries, donuts and/or fruit, etc.). drinks (juice, water, coffee, tea, wine, beer). We will provide glasses.

Guests are invited to browse our Wax and Wine Bar and begin writing down the scents they like while they wait for all members of their group to arrive. Once all of your Scent-sational experiences are completed which takes about an hour, you and your guess will then hang out in our space and have your event while your candles set.  We also provide free wifi.

Walk-ins are welcome. Other products you can make at the bar for an additional $20 body scrub 4oz or 8oz $25

We also book Private Events call for more information and booking at 828-641-1105